Freddie Mercury, Queen - Owned Shirt - A World of His Own - Certificato

2.900 EUR

Mega rare item not to be missed!
Freddie Mercury owned shirt
Condition is excellent.
The shirt was sold as lot 2243 in the Freddie Mercury: A World Of His Own, Crazy Little Things 2 sale held at Sotheby’s, New Bond Street, London on 13th September 2023.
The object comes directly from Garden Lodge, auctioned by Mary Austin, Freddie's former partner and lifelong friend
A unique chance to own an object that belonged to world music legend Freddie Mercury, 100% authentic!!
Freddie loved this type of shirt very much
He has been photographed wearing this or similar shirts on many occasions, I attach some photos
The item will be delivered with a copy of the official Sotheby's purchase invoice as further proof of authenticity
The tags in the photo are included in the sale. Chiudi

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